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Inauguration of Handicrafts and crafts workshop in Dashtestan

"Crafts workshops contribute to sustainable employment," said Fathollah Norouzi governor.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Department of Cultural Heritage, tourism and handicraft of Bushehr, Nazaram Village Crafts in the 20th day of the late Fajr city was inaugurated by governor of the city. "

In the event of the inauguration of the workshop, Fatholah Norouzi expressed his satisfaction with the launch of such workshops at the city level, and added: "Opening and launching such projects will contribute to sustainable employment and the city's governor in line with job creation and elimination of shortcomings." Do not hesitate any attempt. "

The workshop of rural and nomadic employment credits with allocation and receiving 180 million tomans facilities are equipped with hope Fund, and according to the workshop manager for 100 people will make employment directly and indirectly.

Nazaraqa Village Crafts Workshop has been established by the Fawzia of a one of the most active provincial artisans in the field of weaving mat, which was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including 6 selected artisan in the International trade fair for the province of Qezi.

The authoritative person of the workshop director said, "The goal of establishing and setting up this workshop is to create employment for rural women and, according to the high potential of women in the field of weaving mat to the future of the workshop, I hope and part of our products are exported and sold in Persian Gulf countries. It will also help to prosper the village economy. "

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