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Pictures from Iran with more than a million likes + images

جیای Wang, a Chinese-Italian woman who lives now in London, has a special interest and passion for discovering and having less known tourist destinations.

He has experience of living in China, Italy, Peru and the United States and Britain, and a global citizen is literally! Colorful and colourful photographs جیای a long time he has turned him into one of the اینفلوئنسرهای محبوبِ of travel and tourism world. He works in the field of digital marketing, has good activities on Instagram and TravelDreamSeekers important and high-audience pages such as 9gag, lonelyPlanet, and the TravelandLeisure of his photos.

جیای Wang has been a journey to Iran in 98 and has visited cities, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Kashan. The beautiful pictures that he shared from this trip on his page are relatively good hits (nearly 10,000 likes, with an estimated about 50 thousand hits). But the remarkable thing is that the images of this photographer and اینفوئنسر are also shared by other showbiz pages.

As mentioned, one of these important and showbiz pages is the ۹GAG page that was able to reach a million likes by sharing a photo album from جیای Wang in less than 24 hours. Given the estimates that are struck for Instagram posts, these 1 million likes are almost equal to 5 million hits, which means 10 photos جیای Wang from Iran have been seen at least between 25 to 45 million times.

The images come: "Have you been surprised by the stunning Iranian architecture?" In addition to the likes, in this 24 hours, nearly 100 thousand comments are listed below this post Instagram.

The voyaged page shared the same images with this video: "The جیای Wang page (a ایلیاتی diary) was amazed by the stunning architecture of Iran. From ایِ glass window to delicate tiles and symmetrical buildings, Iran is a whole country and perfection. " This post is close to 100 thousand likes (estimated to have been seen near 500 thousand times) and about 800 comments to NLP.

By catering and demonstrating Iranian hospitality to these tourists and اینسفلونسر, it is possible to show Iran's sights at the lowest cost to the whole world and benefit from the capacity of new media to promote and advertise tourism in Iran.

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