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Complete the case of the dunes and Tahachi to register in the list of national monuments

Deputy of cultural heritage of Bushehr: "The case of the dunes and Tahochi are completed and are designed to defend the country's registration office."

According to the Public Relations Office of the Department of Cultural Heritage, tourism and handicrafts of Bushehr, the historic hills of Saron and Tahachi are prepared by specifying the site and completing the case for defense in the country's registration office. "

In this regard, Nasrollah Ebrahimi, deputy of cultural heritage of Bushehr, said: "The head of the hill is related to the early Islamic period, which is the only remaining effect between the two historical sites of the port of Mahrooyan and the historic port of Arjan, as well as Tahachi hills with the history of the 5th millennium BC is one of the valuable (E) With its obvious characteristic to the Persian Gulf Bank on top of the province implies. "


With reference to the importance of preserving and protecting the historical monuments that the birth certificate of each point, Ebrahimi reiterated, "unfortunately these two valuable effects have been raped and drilled by the people who hope to prevent these two historical effects from capturing, digging, and destroying the sites of the work," he said.

Sudabeh Momurray responsible for the registration and determination of the general administration in this regard: "The records of these two valuable historical effects have been completed and by specifying the site and collecting the pottery in the design of pottery that completed the work towards sending files and preparing to defend We will take action. "

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