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High capacity tourism in coastal villages of Bushehr

"Coastal villages of the province enjoy high capacity of tourism," said Abdolkarim Garavand in Bushehr.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Department of Cultural Heritage, tourism and handicraft of Bushehr Abdolkarim Garavand, the Boushehr governor visited the project on Friday 18 February.

In this visit, according to the high capacity of tourism in coastal villages of the province, "the coastal villages have a favorable potential to help with the infrastructure and facilities to enter the most tourists to these villages to assist guests and travelers across the country from these capacities," he said. . "

"Implementation of such projects should be carried out at a faster rate following this work will contribute to the rural economy," the governor said.

Hamzeh Agzei, director of cultural heritage, tourism and handicraft of the city of Ganaveh, also in this visit, gave a description of the project implementation process and added: "According to the special capacity of the city of Ganaveh, having the right commercial market during the year embraces the high volume of travelers and tourists that Place the country to buy and use the beach to travel to this port and need to create more ending residences at the city level by having such a feature. "

"The Binak coastal residence in the land is being constructed in an area of 2100 meters and is one of the standard residences in the province and south of the country, with the opening and launching of the project directly for 15 people," he said.


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