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The skill of the rosary with date kernel in Bushehr province


"According to the Public Relations Office of the Department of Cultural Heritage, tourism and handicrafts of Bushehr, the seed of the palm is one of the most beautiful handicrafts and crafts products produced in the province."

"The skill of the rosary with the Palm kernel in Bushehr province is one of the productions of handicrafts that, after separating the kernel from dates and soaking in the water with the artistic tasteful and creativity of the product, and sometimes with the combination of miniature art and this art plays a role on the core Are designed and implemented to help the beauty and charm more work. "

"This art, which is most common among the provincial prison clients, is in line with their empowerment, in the implementation of article 12 of the International Convention on the Preservation of the intangible cultural Heritage of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, with the cooperation of Bushehr Central Prison to work starting from 97 years and by providing the report and submitting to the center, after the final confirmation on 4/4/98 with the number 1900 titled" Hallelujah Skill with the Palm kernel "was registered on the National List of intangible cultural heritage."

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