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Musan: Iran safe and beautiful catering to tourists from all countries

The full text of Dr. Aliasghar Mosan's statement is as follows:

Today, due to rapid technological developments and advances, the world is more engaged in developments and accelerated and unobtrusive downs. The human being of the present era is also influenced by the life of the city and the car, and his spirit needs refinement and comfort.

In such a space, what our days are the color and smell of comfort and tranquility, vitality and joy, empathy and companionship, and lasting and memorable experiences of peaceful biostatics are travel and tourism. In fact, tourism can be expanded and universally considered as the friendly and familial results of the context and its content is the concepts such as kindness, interaction and cooperation. In the Prefaraz and downs of today, tourism to San Nasimi is a lives part of the spirit, and we all link the peoples of the world regardless of the dark and race, nationality and language, the votes and opinions.

In the shadow of deep and practical belief in this attitude and approach, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been working in the world to create the conditions for the reception of the tourists, and we have witnessed the growing prospects of our tourism facilities and infrastructure in our country.

In this regard, with incentive measures such as visa cancellation with countries, airport 90-day visas, special services and standard accommodation and catering, defining the routes and attractive tourism packages and providing the cheapest and safest travel tours in Iran in terms of the latest international standards, it succeeded to increase 53 percent. We entered the entrance, which is the highest growth among all countries.

However, the study of the competitiveness of travel and Tourism World Economic Association indicates Iran in the competitive index of prices is also ranked first in the world and over the past few years as a emerging phenomenon in the field of international tourism the attention of Governments Has.

Even if all of what was said, again, unique and unmatched attractions of the land of Iran, the temptation to travel to history, civilization and nature in the heart of every tourism in every corner of the world. The land of Iran despite the 24 registered work of UNESCO World Heritage List, 34 thousand national patents and 600 active museum, having the highest security coefficients, low travel costs, offering special facilities to tourists, a low-level hospitality, a myriad of historical and natural, unique facilities Diverse and unique ecotourism and nature tourism, various tourism packages in the historic cultural, sports and mountain, sea and beach, food and health, beautiful and attractive rituals, diverse effects in the field of handicrafts and traditional arts production is a great capacity to host the world's tourists.

The history and richness of civilization and history, the multitude of unmatched and spectacular works, the four-season climate, diverse cultural effects and the presence of different ethnicities with different customs, Iran to the Baha'i treasure of the intellectual and spiritual heritage and among the top 10 countries in terms of tourism, cultural attractions And natural put. The wreck-off mountains, natural refrigerators and silent volcanoes, pristine forests and lush slopes, lakes, fountains, and clear waterfalls, beautiful beaches and amazing islands, historic sites and old monuments, cities and global villages, native crafts and thousand colors, traditional delectable cooking And natural drinks Guevara and healing, and hundreds and thousands of other attractions are an album of countless motives traveling to Iran.

With such features and advantages, the beautiful and safe cities of Iran have hosted thousands of tourists from different countries of the world, following this lean and memorable experience, to make it possible to travel again to this Asian paradise and have a new fellow.

At the beginning of the new Year and the last month of the Iranian solar year, which is going to be welcomed by the modern year, I invite tourists around the world to سرزمینِ the opportunity to experience a different journey to history and civilization, especially in the spring season.

The guests of Iran and the warm embrace of the hearts of all Iranians ready to serve the tourists of all countries. "

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